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Kalymnos - Scuba Diving
Kalymnos which is famous for its marine and sponge fishing tradition offers many organised diving centres through which one can explore the magnificently decorated by shipwrecks
deep blue sea. Daily excursions are organized for diving to the bottom of the sea of Kalymnos and nearby islands. The International Diving Festival is held every summer and the island is packed with international diving groups. The only Public Diving School operates in Kalymnos, fitting to an island such as Kalymnos with its living heroic myths of sponge divers who defied the dangers of the deep sea. If you enjoy diving, then Kalymnos is the place to be. Scuba diving is an interesting activity, however it is not allowed in almost the whole of Greece in order to protect archeological treasures. There are however some areas allowed, one of them being in Kalymnos with a 12km coastline length. Diving in this area is possible as long as contact has been made with one of diving centres available or if going alone it is obligatory to have experience and appropriate equipment.

The diving areas of Kalymnos are:

The area Therma – Pithari with a 12km long Coastline
The Diving Park, the first in Greece.
The two Sponge Farming areas, one in Katella and the other in Kampi.
The Diapori of Leros which is at the other side of Kalymnos is an easy accessible area.
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