Mououri of Kalymnos

Octopus with short pastaIngredients:
1 lamb 10-12 kg
2.5 kg rice
1 / 2 kilo minced meat or lamb haslets
4 onions dried chopped
Tomato paste
Fresh butter
Olive oil Salt, pepper
We baste the lamb inside and outside with a mixture of the tomato paste, the butter, the salt and the pepper. Meanwhile we getting the filling ready, boil the guts for a little while and we cut them thin. In a nonstick pan we sauté for a little while with olive oil the onions. We add some tomato paste, salt pepper and the guts. We leave them to cook for a while stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Than we add the rise in to the mixture of the filling and we add a little bit of water and we leave it to boil for a while stirring constantly. Be careful not to let it boil completely. With a skimmer we fill in the lamb and we sow it.  We put the lamb in to mououri (clay covered dish) or in to a deep gastra (earthen vessel for cooking) with cover. We cover the lamb with aluminum foil and we cook in a traditional wood stove from the evening of the previous day until the next morning (about 12 hours).
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