EmporiosOn the northwest side of the island lies Emporios village at a distance of 19.5 km away from Pothia. The quiet seaside village is the remotest settlement of the island with few inhabitants. Recently, apart from cattle-breeding and fishing its residents occupy themselves with tourism. Emporios used to be the first merchant centre of Kalymnos.  In Emporios you will find many seaside restaurants, café shops, traditional taverns and many rooms for rent. In the northern part there is an old fort form the Hellenistic period still standing named Kastri. Kastri used to protect the area of Emporio with its strong walls, two defense towers and gate. The double base of an old olive oil presser which used to operate inside is still preserved. The Cyclopean walls of St George and Kastri make Emporio stand out from the rest of the island.

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