Octopus with short pasta

Octopus with short pastaIngredients:
1 medium octopus (1-1 ½ kilo about)
1 package short pasta
1 big onion thinly cut
2 big tomatoes for sauce
1 soup spoon tomato paste
1 tea cup of olive oil
½ of a tea cup of red wine
Salt & Pepper
We put the octopus in a casserole with water and we let it take a boil. After the first boil we throw the water and we put new water. We leave it to boil until it becomes soft (usually takes about 40-45 minutes depend on the octopus). After boiling we keep the water in a place (ball, casserole, and act) to use it later. Than in a casserole we fry the onion a little bit with olive oil and we add the octopus. We leave it to take a boil and we quench it with the wine. After we add the salt, pepper, the tomato and the tomato paste and we leave them to boil for 5 minutes. After we add the short pasta and as much water as it needs from the one that kept before (becarefule it doesn’t need a lot o water).
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