How to Fish Sponges

How to Fish Sponges Kagava: One of the oldest methods which nowadays is limited due to its catastrophic effects on the sea bed, also known as gagava or kagava. It is a trailed tool referred as gagami in
ancient times, like a small net used to fish out ostracods (shellfish).
Harpoon: The quantity of sponges that could be gathered was limited, but the harpoon method didn’t require any special equipment or large boats, so even poor fishermen could independently fish sponges.
Skafandro: The skafandro, which is a diving suit, was introduced in 1863 by Fotis Mastoridis from Simi, at the port of Simi. It was a revolutionary method of diving allowing longer underwater time than what was possible by skin diving. The diving suit had been already used on port works and ship wrecks spread quickly to sponge fishery.
Mechanism Fernez: In 1920, a new respiratory mechanism was tested and adopted under its inventors name Fernez. It combined the advantages of skin diving with the diving suit, with some alterations.
Nargiles (water pipe): In the 1970s, all the previous diving methods were replaced by the modern system of "Nargiles" (water pipe). The diver wears a neoprene suit (frogman) and a mechanic compressor provides air from the boat.
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