Telendos - Kalymnos IslandEntirely tree - free but surrounded by magical, crystal-clear beaches, in the past Telendos use to be one with Kalymnos. In 535 AD, nature split them up in two and since then there is little distance between them. It has few inhabitants who mainly live by sponge-fishing. Small boats (kaikia) connect Kalymnos to Telendos and is worth visiting.  Walking through the streets and enjoying mezedes in the traditional taverns available will offer you a unique experience. Fighting the strong Aegean winds stands a remarkable pine forest at the highest top. Combine swimming in the beautiful beaches of the island and a trekking expedition to the old chapel and the deserted castle of Saint Constantine. Setting off from the port of Telendos, walk northwards on a well-constructed signposted path parallel to the sea. It takes around one hour to reach the monastery. Another option is renting a boat trip to the harbour situated just below the monastery and from there follow the path (for 20 minutes).

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